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We are committed to business development and sustainability of cooperatives and their members.

Our Beginnings

In 1978, four pioneering VICTO National Cooperative Federation (VICTO)…

A message from our Chairperson

Garibaldi O. Leonardo

Garibaldi O. Leonardo


(San Dionisio Credit Cooperative)

Dear fellow PCF members,

21 Onwards. Transparency.Trust.Togetherness.

This is the theme of this year’s General Assembly. This is reflective of the situation we find ourselves in. The first two (2) elements are significantly interrelated. If we trust each other, we have every reason to be transparent to one another. Likewise, if we aim to be transparent in everything we do, that would definitely build trust among our members and management as a federation. We take comfort in working together, and in the end, benefiting from our individual and joint endeavors.

The elements of integration and unification work sideways with these elements. When we speak of integration, we refer to making ourselves and our community home. Every cooperative, every union and the sector in general, have its own deficiencies and shortcomings. But if we integrate our efforts, our ideas and our advocacies, we can address these deficiencies and be able to turn it to our great advantage. In addition, unification means making all our members one.

We may find putting ourselves and our ideals to a TEST. Amidst significant progress we’ve made these past few months, there still remain bigger challenges ahead of us. At certain point, there’ll be some discord and disunity. But if we push forward, manage our differences and unfailingly put in all our best efforts to work together, to trust each other and instill transparency to our organization; if we make ourselves work as one, then our federation will achieve unending prosperity.

Mabuhay ang PCF!